Howell EFI Tech Articles

TBI Carburetor Adaptor Tech Tips

 Before ordering your Howell TBI conversion kit, there are a few important things to check on your vehicle to ensure proper installation and function.  Inlet…

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One Size Does Not Fit All

A custom wiring harness and kit are the only way to go with Electronic Fuel Injection conversions. Not all vehicle builds are the same. That’s…

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#K247JPV8W401 - TBI Kit - Jeep Wagoneer 401

Jeep EFI Upgrade Tips

Howell EFI Conversion Kit Helps Kick The Carb! No vehicle on the road  (or off road) benefits more from swapping from a classic carburetor to…

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Drive By Wire Installation Tips

With many of their electronic fuel injection conversions, Howell EFI includes a drive-by-wire (DTW) pedal assembly that must be mounted in the new vehicle to…

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Howell Makes Ordering an EFI System Simple and Easy

Howell EFI, well respected in the industry for their plug and play EFI systems has earned that reputation for a reason. Their customer support team…

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