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One Size Does Not Fit All

A custom wiring harness and kit are the only way to go with Electronic Fuel Injection conversions.

Not all vehicle builds are the same. That’s why they call them customizers, right?

The fact is that when converting an originally carbureted engine over to fuel injection, there are man upgrades that are required to make it work properly. Electric radiator with thermostatic controls, fuel pump relocation to the gas tank and exhaust oxygen sensors required to make the fuel injection operational all require a custom wiring harness with the right fittings and the proper length wiring to connect it all together. No “cookie cutter” conversions kits could possibly do the job.

“We see a lot of online conversions kits that claim to be a one size fit all solution for folks converting their cars to electronic fuel injection,” said Matt Howell, President of Howell EFI.  “But the fact is that these are very complex systems that need special attention to the layout of the wiring harness and the right matching components. We spend a considerable amount of time on the phone during the order process to make certain every piece of the kit is better than OE spec.”

Howell wiring looms utilize better than original equipment wire. The individual connectors used are exactly the same as those used by the original manufacture to ensure perfect attachment to the assigned component each one labeled with white tags to make for trouble-free installation. Best of all, when ordering a Howell EFI conversion kit, everything is included. Case in point for the classic Jeep carb to EFI change out, the kit features components like a new Throttle Body and computer module specifically programmed by Howell to the requests of the consumer. It is literally turn key!

“We have people who call in thinking this is a simple process because they have done some research online or actually bought a cut-rate conversion kit thinking that they had everything they need for the job,” said Troy Brown, Howell EFI Tech Director. “But it becomes painfully obvious that without attention to these details, the system will either not run at all or it will start but not deliver the performance they expect. We get too many customers who spend good money only to find out that the discount system was a total waste of time. We spend a lot of time to get it right and an equal amount of time researching new and updated systems either to enhance our existing systems or expand out coverage to include new models.

To learn more or to order your conversion kit or harness contact Howell EFI at or call (810) 765-5100.