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Howell Makes Ordering an EFI System Simple and Easy

Howell EFI, well respected in the industry for their plug and play EFI systems has earned that reputation for a reason. Their customer support team knows every question to ask to make certain that what ships out from Howell covers every possible base for a complete and easy to install system.

Here is a sample of a typical order taking conversation:

  • Wiring Harness was needed for 1971 Pontiac Firebird


  • Engine ?  GM Crate engine – LS3 with 525 horsepower
  • Transmission?  Rockland Standard Gear six speed
  • Manual or automatic? Centerforce twin disc hydraulic clutch
  • Any cam changes?

Key order taking questions:

  • Where does the battery mount – underhood or trunk?
  • What kind of cooling fan arrangement do you have – single or dual fans?
  • Any smog requirements?
  • Eliminate speed sensor?
  • Are we providing the computer?
  • Do you have a core on the computer?
  • Where do you want to mount the control module – under hood, in the interior?
  • With belt system does that put alternator on top or down low?
  • Does the alternator have a four or two pin connector?
  • What about mass air flow sensor? Are we supplying the front two oxygen sensors? Length of the harness from passenger harness to computer mounting point?
  • Fuel pump to mount in trunk – this is normal for fuel injection conversions
  • Gold or Silver Blade in the throttle Body – signifies engine type.


These engines require the drive by wire pedal – mounted on the firewall. Howell offers reprogramming of the computer control module if needed. Can be determined after the engine is up and running.

Each harness is well marked with each wire or component tagged to denote where it fits. The fittings are made to connect to the factory fittings so this is simply plug and play. Look to Howell EFI to make your order taking and conversion happen with ease. Link to video here.