Howell EFI Videos

gordie duster

Nite Restorations’ #ProjectRecycled And Howell EFI

Around the age of three years old, the impression of cool cars was emblazoned in the mind of Nite Restorations’ Gordie Rutkowski. When he saw,…

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#K247JPV8W401 - TBI Kit - Jeep Wagoneer 401

Jeep EFI Upgrade Tips

Howell EFI Conversion Kit Helps Kick The Carb! No vehicle on the road  (or off road) benefits more from swapping from a classic carburetor to…

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Howell Makes Ordering an EFI System Simple and Easy

Howell EFI, well respected in the industry for their plug and play EFI systems has earned that reputation for a reason. Their customer support team…

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