#HGMC403 – TBI KIT: 403 GMC Motorhome 1973-78


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Part # HGMC403

Kit converts 403 or 455 Olds engines used in 1973-78 GM Motorhomes to throttle body fuel injection system similar to system used on 1987-89 454 Chevrolets. Uses stock air filter and clears engine cover without modifications. Adapts to stock Olds intake manifold. Uses stock Olds HEI distributor, and controls EFI only. Runs in closed loop for improved fuel economy and performance. ECM installs under passenger seat. High pressure fuel pump must be installed in main fuel line from tank, and bypass fuel returned to the tank. Harness includes diagnostic connector, and diagnostic is similar to 1986-92 GM pickup truck.


More installation manuals can be found at this link.

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Weight 17 lbs