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Howell EFI: Announces Ecotec3 4.3 L V6 Direct Injection Harnesses Now Available

Howell EFI announces availability of 2014+ EcoTec3 4.3L V6 LV3-C truck wiring harnesses, allowing for transplant into an unlimited number of applications from Street Rod, Pro-Touring, Off-Road, Sandrails, Street Machines and more. For ease of installation, relays are included, wires are clearly labeled and terminated, and one ground serves the entire system. Harnesses also include 6L80/6L90 transmission functionality making the installation of these engines and transmissions as easy as possible.

Each new harness also features its own fuse block and a GM diagnostic connector. This allows customers to have their vehicles easily diagnosed and serviced at any repair facility utilizing the common OBD II port. Installation requires just three points of power at the battery, ignition, and fuel pump making these harnesses truly plug-and-play.  Harnesses are prepared to customer specifications, not a one size fits all approach, and each incorporates a rugged nylon or OEM style plastic covering and glued shrink tube. ECM/TCM reprogramming needed for the swap is also available. Each harness is proudly made in the USA with a Lifetime Guarantee.

According to GM, the 4.3L EcoTec3 V-6 has one purpose – providing budget-conscious customers a great standard engine. It’s large 4.3L displacement provides class-leading torque (305 lb-ft) and available towing (7,600 lbs.) for a standard V-6, while its aluminum cylinder heads and block saves weight. Its ability to operate on four cylinders under lighter loads helps improve fuel efficiency. Look to Howell EFI to make a transplant happen with ease.

Part #HVL435846T –  $900. Add $100 to harnesses requiring emissions connections.

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