I just wanted to let you know I received my ecm a few days ago. I hooked it up and the engine fired up and started b4 I could get my hand off of the key. I just wanted to say thanks for the support and I will be telling everybody where I went for my engine swap electronics.

Michael Young

Love your system!  Have had it on my jeep for over 10 years now and makes it a dream to drive!  Best investment I ever made!

David Willard

Pleased with the product. I recently purchased the TB EFI kit for my 1990 Wrangler through Quadratec.  I had the kit installed by a professional garage and just got the Jeep back. I am extremely pleased with the results.  The vehicle runs like a top and the drivability improvement is unbelievable.  I have not checked the mileage yet, but based strictly on the improved responsiveness and lack of dead spots when accelerating, I couldn’t be happier.  I would recommend this product to anyone that’s tired of dealing with crappy carburetors on Jeeps.

Mark Doucette – Wisconsin

“I bought my Jeep new right from the showroom floor, and recently spent two years restoring it to original except for installing the Howell EFI kit. It was always hard to start and never ran this well; the new EFI system has made all the difference. It starts, idles, and run a lot better than it ever did. I really like the conversion kit and am glad I installed it.”

Waldo McIntosh, Oklahoma – 1984 Jeep CJ7 Owner

“It couldn’t have been easier. Everything was clearly labeled and there were only four wires to hook up. Everything else was plug and play and it fired up with no problem the first time.”

Rick Gero – Evolution Auto

“Howell harnesses make EFI simpler than installing a carburetor. After completing four Howell installations, I wouldn’t use anything else. It’s just that easy.”

Pat Brewer, Co-Owner – Thunder Road Rod & Custom

“Hey fellow Gearheadz. When building your machine, it’s all about keepin’ it fun, and makin’ it RUN! Well, if you’re transplanting an injected engine, you’ve got to check out Howell Engine Development. Over the years I have used them on many projects, and their stuff is top-notch. Their integrated wiring harnesses will help you get maximum power, fuel economy, AND they’re easy to install so you don’t end up banging your head against the wall. Hey, they don’t call ’em the EFI experts for nothin’!”

Stacey David’s GearZ – Speed Channel – www.staceydavid.com

“Our DUKW’s see a lot of use giving tours throughout the city and even into the St. Charles River. EFI definitely was the way to go. The instructions and labeling of Howell’s product made it simple. Love the product. The fuel mileage savings alone has more than paid for the product cost.”

Tony Cerulle – Boston Duck Boat Tours