#HT2X4BB/HT2X4BBD – TBI KIT: Twin TBI Kit for Big Blocks


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Part #HT2X4BB & #HT2X4BBD

For converting any oval port Chev 396-502 engine from carburetor to twin throttle body fuel injection. Two remanufactured TBI units, sold with a new Edelbrock 2×4 intake manifold made specifically for oval port big block Chevrolet engines. Option with ignition control includes a new electronic distributor, coil, and knock sensor. System uses a remote, bypass type fuel pressure regulator, and precision progressive throttle linkage for improved driveability. Kit includes wiring harness, GM ECM, all required sensors, and an in-line high pressure fuel pump. Components can be ordered separately for use on any GM, Ford or Chrysler engine with 2×4 intake manifold designed for Carter AFB or Edelbrock carburetors to convert to EFI.


More installation manuals can be found at this link.

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Weight 30 lbs