#HT2X4SB/HT2X4SBD – TBI KIT: Chev V-8 & Universal Twin TBI kit


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Part # HT2X4SB & HT2X4SBD

For converting any small block V-8 engine from carburetor to twin throttle body fuel injection. Uses 2 remanufactured GM throttle bodies appropriate for engine size. Sold with a new Edelbrock intake manifold for regular or Vortec heads. Operates with or without ECM controlled ignition. Contains all sensors, components, wiring harnesses, ECM and fuel pump, and includes a custom calibration PROM for your engine. Option with ignition control includes a new electronic distributor, coil and knock sensor. System uses remote bypass fuel regulator and precision progressive throttle linkage for improved driveability. Components are sold separately, and can be used on any GM, Ford, or Chrysler engine with a 2×4 intake manifold designed for Carter AFB or Edelbrock carburetors to convert to EFI.


More installation manuals can be found at this link.

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Weight 30 lbs