While some EFI companies stake claims of superior products at rock bottom prices, well, there’s a reason people say you get what you pay for. When we say regardless of the engine transplant, Howell has you covered, we stand by that statement all day every day with the most complete kits on the market today that are custom designed to fit your needs. In fact, each and every kit comes with everything you need short of an air cleaner and include a money back guarantee.

Over recent months, we cannot count the number of tech calls we have received from people who purchased some of these other EFI systems on the market, ending up with problem after problem to the point they’ve asked around and been told, “You should have done it right the first time, just call Howell.”

We offer wide-ranging GM-style EFI conversions for many applications and harness conversions for any GM V6 and V8 engine from 1985 to present. For anyone not doing a complete carbureted to fuel injection conversion, we also cover the transplant segment with 30+ years of vehicle applications.

As an adjunct to our wiring harnesses, we developed complete throttle body and multi-port fuel injection systems. We combine proven GM electronic components, Howell wiring harnesses, two and four-barrel TBI and TPI units. These systems offer GM closed-loop fuel and spark control, and typical GM durability and fuel economy. With extensive development on both big-block (454/502 CID) and small block (350/400 CID) engines, these systems are attractive updates for hot rods, production carbureted vehicles, and off-road four-wheel drive vehicles seeking both performance and fuel economy.

So before you invest in an EFI or TBI kit you think looks promising (but typically has some hidden holes) call Howell first whether you are looking to do a TBI, TPI, MPI, CPI, LTI (90’s & current LT1), LS, Vortec, or EcoTec3 EFI conversion or engine transplant.


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