Howell EFI announces new 1955-74 Toyota Landcruiser Electronic Fuel Injection Conversion for F3.9L engines

Marine City, MI – March 10, 2015 - For fans of the classic ’55-’74 Toyota Landcruiser, replacing the troublesome carburetion system with state of the art electronic fuel injection required a custom build that could end with questionable results. Enter Howell EFI who has come to the rescue with a turnkey (literally) throttle body fuel injection conversion kit that upgrades the engine system of the 3.9L engine replacing the troublesome carburetion system with electronic fuel injection. This is a highly desirable upgrade for fans of off road operation who know well the advantages of fuel injection over carburetion. Specifically, fuel injection delivers better cold starting, improved MPG, drive-ability the ability to attack any angle without the fear of fuel loss due to fuel starvation (a common issue with carbureted engines.).

The “on-road” kit (part number is #K247T) is made up of almost all GM TBI parts and includes the following:

  • GM Throttle body
  • Toyota intake manifold adapter plate
  • Wiring Harness
  • MAP Sensor, coolant sensor, oxygen sensor
  • External fuel pump & fuel filter, fuel pump block off plate
  • GM ECM (computer) and calibration prom set-up specific to the F or 2F
  • Full installation instructions and trouble shooting guide
  • The result is a Plug and play system that will completely replace the factory carburetion system and includes a GM computer “tuned” specifically for this application. As with all Howell EFI systems, the wiring harness is wrapped in weather tight encasement to avoid any weather or heat damage, far exceeding any original OE harness offered today. Howell also offers full line of “off road” level harnesses for those applications that do not require emissions related components. Best of all, each harness kit is backed by a money back guarantee so you know it’s a quality parts that will deliver years of service. The kits also all utilize the OBDI GM diagnostic capabilities so a customer can scan or perform non-scan code access for trouble shooting.

    At Howell EFI, we choose to sell only the best quality components, and all are covered by a money back guarantee. For additional information, visit or call 810-765-5100. Howell Engine Developments is located at 6201 Industrial Way, Marine City, MI, 48039.