GM CPI Products

The Vortec 4.3 V6 was the first of a line of engines for GM, introducing Vortec CPI (Central Port Injection) fuel injection to the truck market and revolutionizing a world filled with carbureted or throttle body injected truck engines.

If you own one of the thousands of 1992-95 vehicles with the GM 4.3 V6 engines you know that this torque happy six-banger, based on a shortened version of the famous Chevy 350, and a great choice for rat rods, street rods, S10s, Blazers and full size truck applications.

With several variations of electronic and non-electronic transmission combinations and Prom vs. ECM controls to worry about, wiring one of these big V6 engines has been a real challenge in the past. But not anymore, not with one of our harnesses and ECM's.

Our custom built Vortec harnesses use the same GM/Packard high temperature wire and Packard Weatherpack connectors that keep your engine performing in all weather conditions. Our harnesses feature individually labeled connectors and a high grade covering and bindings that look clean and professional, even under hard service. Only 4 basic wires connect to your chassis, to get you up and running.

Howell’s re-programmed CPI Cal-proms and GM ECMs provide precise control, lasting quality and flawless performance. And like all Howell EFI components, our CPI components are 100% compatible with standard GM diagnostic equipment.

Choose between vacuum (92-93) or electronic transmission control when ordering and get the most out of the Vortec 4.3 V6 with quality CPI components from the EFI leader, Howell Engine Developments. 

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CPI CAL-PROM: 1992-93 4.3L V6

CODE: HCPI Cal-Prom9293

Part # HCPI Cal-Prom9293 1992-1993 4.3L V6 CAL-PROM only, with Vehicle Anti-theft programmed out.
CPI CAL-PROM: 1994 to 1995

CODE: HCPI Cal-Prom9495

Part # HCPI Cal-Prom9495 1994-1995 4.3L V6 CAL-PROM only, with Vehicle Anti-theft programmed out. Specify whether or not you are running electronically... More
CPI ECM: 1992-93 4.3L V6


Part # HCPI ECM9293 1992-1993 4.3L V6 ECM only. Mem-cal must be ordered separately.
CPI ECM: 1994-95 4.3L V6


Part # HCPI ECM9495 1994-1995 4.3L V6 ECM ONLY
CPI HARNESS: 1992-95 4.3L V6 w/ Electronic Transmission


Part # HCPI9495T 1992-1995 CPI 4.3L V6 Harness with Electronic Transmission. High Temperature split loom covering.
CPI HARNESS: 1992-95 4.3L V6 w/o Electronic Transmission


Part # HCPI9293 1992-1995 CPI 4.3L V6 Harness without Electronic Transmission. High temperature split-loom covering